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Did you know that the Ocean provides half the oxygen we breathe?

It is the biggest biosphere on Earth, nurturing 80% of all life on our planet, but it is in trouble.


Humans are dumping more than 8 million tons of plastic into the Ocean each year. At this rate, we face a future with more plastic than fish in the Ocean by 2050. Plastic is not the only thing polluting our Ocean. Heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) from our fossil fuel emissions are causing ocean heatwaves, shifting where fish live, changing Ocean chemistry and reducing oxygen content. Our Ocean is overheating, acidifying and losing its breath. In the last 30 years, more than 50% of the Ocean’s coral reefs have died.


36Pix has created the “Be Part of the Story” project so that together we can help reverse that trend. The goals of the project are to educate children and families about the plight of the Ocean and to raise funds to help protect it.


We have partnered with Ocean Unite, a non-profit organization that is uniting and activating powerful voices for Ocean conservation. Ocean Unite is leading projects to create marine protected areas in the waters surrounding Antarctica, in the Caribbean, on the High Seas and around the world. The goal is to protect 30 percent of the global Ocean by 2030, the level recommended by scientists to help regenerate ocean life and revitalise our seas. Be Part of the Story is supporting these efforts.



Contribute to help protect the Ocean by creating your own personalized digital products with exclusive designs.
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Jim Toomey with Fillmore turtle and Sherman
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We are privileged to have Jim Toomey as a partner to the Be Part of the Story project. Jim is an avid environmentalist and award-winning cartoonist, best known for Sherman’s Lagoon. Jim is happy to be part of the story, which combines two of his lifelong passions – art and the sea.


Jim has adapted his Sherman’s Lagoon characters with a funny look inspired by a sad reality. Marine species get trapped and tangled in the trash that ends up in the Ocean.


That has to change and we hope to educate people with our “I’m not a new species” characters, to help restore Ocean health.


Sherman by Jim Toomey
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8 Ways You Can Help Protect the Ocean

  1. Contribute by creating your own personalized digital products with exclusive Sherman’s Lagoon characters. Share so your friends can Be Part of the Story too!
  2. Breathe: in and out, then in and out again. Remember that that second breath and every second breath you take comes from the Ocean and think about the importance of the Ocean every day.
  3. Seek ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption. Walk, ride a bike and switch to renewables!
  4. Make Sustainable Seafood Choices: The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers regional guides to making good seafood choices on its website.
  5. Take drastic action to reduce your use of plastic! Try using alternatives to single-use plastics: Carry a reusable water bottle or travel mug with you. Don’t use plastic straws or plastic bags.
  6. Pick up litter wherever you go, especially when you visit the beach to prevent it from ending up in the Ocean.
  7. Support ocean conservation efforts and learn more about the Ocean near you!
  8. Influence Change in Your Community: Contact your elected officials to show your support for legislation and action that protects the Ocean


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